Loyalty Club

Inn-Centives by Vimana rewards you for independent travel without costing the hotel owner a dime or making you figure out how to convert points to free nights. Stay 12 nights, and we’ll pick up the tab for the next night at any of our 20,000 member hotels. No blackout dates. No exceptions.

Join InnCentives

  • Stay 12 nights. We’ll pick up the tab for your next night at any of our 20,000 member hotels.
  • No blackout dates. No math to convert points to nights. No exceptions.
  • The hotel won’t know you’re staying free, so you get the same service and perks as other guests.
  • Enjoy unique independently-owned hotels instead of the cookie cutter chain next door.


No, hotels will not know if you are using a reward night for your stay, so you’ll get the same availability and same experience as anyone else who booked at that hotel.

InnCentives by Vimana nights are applied to your InnCentives account within 24-72 hours after the completion of your hotel stay.

We understand that some customers may have more than one account. Be sure to log in to the same account each time you make a booking. If you created two accounts, email support@ibchotels.com and we will help you.

To collect InnCentives by Vimana nights and earn one free night for every twelve nights stayed at an eligible InnCentives hotel, all you need is an InnCentives by Vimana account. Sign in every time you make a reservation.

If you cancel your booking before the hotel’s cancellation deadline, we’ll put your free night back in your account within 48 to 72 hours. You can then redeem the free night when you make your next reservation.

Your InnCentives by Vimana nights will expire after 24 months if there is no activity in your account. The 24-month period begins with the most recent activity in your account. As long as you stay with InnCentives hotels at least once every 24 months, your free nights do not expire.

When you’ve collected 12 InnCentives by Vimana nights, you’ll get a credit for a future one night free at an eligible hotel. The value of the free night is equal to the average rate of the 12 nights you collected.

You’ll need to add your booking to your account before you complete your stay. If you have already checked in for your hotel stay, please email support@ibchotels.com.

If you have not yet completed your stay, you can attach your booking to your account. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to collect nights for stays that were completed prior to joining InnCentives by Vimana online.


For Terms and Conditions, please follow the link: https://www.ibchotels.com/terms-of-use/